Microsoft Certified Professional

Damian Lawrence Powell



Key Skills




First used  (years)

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.NET Framework




















SQL Server




Proficiency is one of Expert, Intermediate, or Beginner.


Other Skills

Programming languages

C++, C#, Java, Perl, JavaScript, PowerShell


Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.

Web/App Servers

Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Apache HTTPD, JBoss, Tomcat.


.NET Framework, ADO, MFC, ATL, COM, ActiveX / OLE, ASP, Terminal Services, Active Directory.

C++ related

Good understanding of STL and some of the more obscure aspects of the C++ language.

Java related

J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets), J2SE (Swing/JFC, JDBC, JavaBeans, JAXP), limited J2ME.


HTML, XML, XSLT, Good OO and GUI design skills. Parser/compiler generation. Good understanding of low-level (machine-level) concepts.


Personal Details

Date of birth

February 14, 1976




Damian is a calm and friendly software engineer with a professional attitude toward his work. He works well in a team environment and provides an encouraging atmosphere for colleagues. Damian has experience liaising with internal and external customers. He is always keen to learn new technologies and methods related to software design.

Security Clearance

Damian has previously held SC security clearance which expired in January 2006.

Current Notice Period

3 calendar months


Contact Information

Tel. (mobile)

+44 (0)7811 155 206

Tel. (home)

+44 (0)1527 45 41 47



127 Maisemore Close, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 9LP, United Kingdom



Training & Certification

May 2007

SharePoint 2007 Developer (Combined Knowledge)

Feb 2007

UML for Software Developers

Nov 2006

ITIL: Foundation in IT Service Management (ISEB)

Jun 2006

Developing Web Applications in C# (Microsoft MCSD Exam 70-315)

Apr 2005

Voice-over IP and Gigabit Ethernet (Best Neutral, in-house)

Feb 2001

Java for C/C++ Programmers (QA, in-house)

Dec 1997

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 5 (CTEC / Microsoft)


Professional History

Jul 2006 – Present

Senior Developer,
Davis Langdon LLP.

Implemented a document management and workflow application for Davis Langdon’s Legal Support department. The application had two user interfaces – one for Partners to submit documents for legal review, and a restricted view for the Legal Support department to prioritise and process documents.

Solo project, C#, ASP.NET 2.0, HTML, CSS, SQL Server 2005.

Implemented and supported a large best practice application. The application allowed project teams to share documents and assess project adherence to company-designated policy. Large-scale, distributed enterprise application with server instances in several regions across the UK.

Team project, SharePoint 2007, C#, ASP.NET 2.0, HTML, CSS, Windows Forms, SQL Server 2005.

Setup and maintained the company’s source control and build servers. Automated many error prone development and installation processes.

Solo project, Subversion, CruiseControl.NET, Windows PowerShell, Apache, IIS, Active Directory.

Provided third-line support for customers (other Davis Langdon employees).

Team & solo projects, C#, ASP.NET (1 & 2), Windows Forms, SQL Server.

Jan 2005 –
Mar 2006

Contract Software Engineer,
Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe.

Implemented Gigabit Ethernet services in Fujitsu’s Access Network Element Manager system (FENS AN) for British Telecom’s 21CN (21st Century Network) project.

Team project. Perl, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C++.

Jul 2002 –
Jan 2005

Senior Software Engineer,
CGP Associates Limited.

Scenario database system for air traffic identification systems. Has home-grown GIS implementation for plotting locations. Implemented a database abstraction layer utilising the .NET class and property attribute mechanism. This allowed the user to define new classes and add attributes to them that handle database table and row creation without any extra programmer intervention.

Team project. C#, ADO, .NET, Attributes.

Air quality data collection and analysis system for the Welsh Assembly on behalf of the Met Office. The system had two data collection machines with 8 modems each. They dialled up to approximately 100 sites every hour implementing various protocols to collect data. The data was processed, validated, and uploaded to the Welsh Air Quality Form’s website every evening.

Team project. C++, MFC, ADO, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Terminal Services, Custom communications protocols, MS Office Automation.

Air traffic sample generator for Eurocontrol. Created traffic sample statistics for use with other Eurocontrol tools. Compatible with both UNIX and Windows platforms.

Solo project. C++, MFC, XML.

Nov 1999 –
Jul 2002

Product Development Engineer,
Netscient Limited / Marconi.

Developed a vendor-agnostic, network planning and inventory tool. The system had an MFC front-end with a custom server back-end implemented as a Windows service written in MFC. The server supported both Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Team project. C++, MFC, Oracle, SQL Server.

Developed a server system using J2EE (EJB) as a replacement for the custom-written Windows service mentioned above.

Team project. Java, J2EE (EJB), C++.

Developed a thin-client front end for lightweight access to the network inventory database.

Solo project. Java, J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets), HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Sep 1997 –
Nov 1999

Software Engineer,
Avery Berkel Limited.

Maintained legacy embedded systems using C and Intel 8051 assembler. Although not a ‘high-tech’ role, this was very beneficial in gaining a solid understanding of low-level systems and how to write efficient programs in C and C++.

Team project. C, 8051 assembler.

Wrote an Intel 8051 emulator which allowed the running of compiled 8051 code in simulated hardware. This could be integrated with Borland C++ to enable and disable break-points. The front end implemented a simulated LCD (via a simulated I2C bus) as a Windows application.

Team project. C++, MFC, 8051 assembler.

Wrote COM components in C++ to allow advanced access to the serial ports for Visual Basic applications.

Solo project. C++, COM, ATL.

Oct 1994 –
Jul 1997

Computer Science & Software Engineering Student,
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham.

Covered a wide range of material, mostly concerned with Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming (OOA, OOD and OOP). Started using C++ in the first term of the first year and continued to develop these skills for the entire duration of the course. Also learned Perl, Prolog and HTML and a passing familiarity with UNIX.

C++, OO Design & Programming, Perl, Prolog, HTML, UNIX.

Worked on several web-related assignments that included the use of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs written in C++ and later in Perl.

Team project. C++, CGI, Perl.

My final year project was a real-time digital signal processor (DSP) for guitar written in C++. Implemented a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm for frequency analysis and pitch shifting of acoustic signals.

Solo project. C++, OWL (Borland’s Object Windows Library), FFT.




BSc (Hons) Computer Science & Software Engineering.


Mathematics, Physics, General Studies.


10 including English Language, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Dual Award Science.




Damian is currently interested in improving the depth and breadth of his .NET experience specifically in the enterprise, mobile and distributed computing arenas. He is currently working towards a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer qualification.

Damian has had a long-standing interest in Design Patterns and is currently attempting to improve his familiarity with the UML.

Damian is a member of the British Computer Society.


Available upon request.